Traditional Lasagna

Frozen Food
The original italian recipe

Fresh house made pasta sheets, layered with delicious ragù Bolognese, and a decadent bounty of mozzarella cheese, béchamel, and grated Parmigiano. This is the mother of all lasagnas, the careful and faithful preparation of the traditional Italian recipe. Our Traditional Lasagna is probably of our most popular and famous of Taste Unique's dishes. All our lasagna's are carefully prepared following the traditional Italian recipe which always calls for béchamel (and no ricotta cheese). We We suspect the result is unlike anything you've tasted before here in the US.
In the words of Sara Perry of The Oregonian: "I don't know how she does it. Stefania uses the same ingredients I would, but when she puts them together it tastes like being in Italy."

SMALL is for one person
MEDIUM feeds 2 to 3 people
LARGE is 5 to 6 servings.
**This item is frozen, and it ships for 2nd day delivery**


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Traditional Lasagna